Health, Safety and Environment Assessment

Spectro conduct the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) assessment for various industries in order to ensure that the facility is complying with all relevant regulations and requirements.

Our HSE assessment offers you comprehensive support during the design of your Projects, Facilities, Factories etc. We can help you to identify all HSE issues and ensure your facility is designed and planned in accordance with all HSE regulations.

How Spectro Assess HSE factor?

  • Identify current and critical HSE issues.
  • Ensure that your facility is designed and planned in compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements
  • Assess the effect on health and safety of workers
  • Recommend to decrease the rate of Accidents and damages.
  • Consider the risk of environmental damage.
  • Improve onsite productivity.
  • Gain recommendations for future safety maintenance

Services we provide:

  • Safety and Risk Analysis
  • Verification and Development of health and safety plans for workers
  • Internal Regulations control
  • Access controls for designated areas, such as gas storage and confined spaces
  • Verification for various machinery handling
  • Collective protection planning.
  • Personnel protection equipment planning
  • Safety signaling planning
  • Determination of transfer and clearing routes
  • Supply of external HSE coordinators
  • Guidance concerning Occupational Health and Safety regulations