Hydrological Studies

The word “Hydrology” means the study of quality and quantity of water stored or transferred to the land surface, rocks and soil. It all depends upon the climatic conditions, drainage, vegetation and land use. The Hydrological Studies are very critical as the potential hydrological impacts of groundwater development are to be evaluated. Hydrological Services are more dedicated to provide a water cycle monitoring and measurement.
Spectro is specialized in working with groundwater field and providing various Investigation Services for Industries, Drinking Water Projects and Agriculture all over the country. We possess all the required modern equipments for carrying out the inspection. The investigation result better, if performed in the early stages of any project. It has become possible to get the availability of water bearing zones in the ground with the help of Geophysical Equipments.

The Scope of Work

  • Study the water producing capabilities of the Aquifer Zone.
  • Study the Hydro-geological set-ups of an area.
  • Identifying the natural recharging capabilities of an area.
  • Study the water table.
  • Collecting Geophysical field data.
  • Quantitative study of groundwater assessment at the particular location.
  • Qualitative groundwater assessment with description of fresh or salty water bearing zones at different depths of ground.
  • Selecting the most potential sites where the tube wells can be installed.
  • Determining the type of drilling method, depth of drilling and designing the tube-wells.
  • Identifying the feasibility and designing Rainwater Harvesting Systems.
  • Report submission with necessary papers to CGWA for approval.