Mechanical Calibration Services

Spectro caters a wide range of Mechanical Calibration Services. We take care of our clients by providing them accurate reports and first-class quality services because we know that inaccuracy in measurements proceed towards heavy financial loses. Under these services, we carry out calibration of the instruments which are used for measuring the parameters like Pitch Dia, Flatness, Dimensions, Pressure, Angle, Mass, Volume, Force, Vibration and Torque. Our calibration equipments possess traceability to the highest standards and our experts have several years of experience with working on almost all types of equipments. With calibration from Spectro, you can be assured to have a topmost degree of accuracy by minimizing the uncertainties which would ultimately lead to maximized profits.

The lists of equipments we possess:

  • Angle gauge set
  • Dead weight tester
  • Electro-servo-Hydraulic UTM
  • Electronic Torque Tester
  • Granite surface plate calibrator
  • Length Bars
  • Load comparator
  • Proving ring
  • Slip gauges
  • Standard weights
  • Weighing balance
  • Universal Length Measuring Machine

Calibration facilities we provide:

  • Bevel Protractor, Angle plate, Angle Protractor
  • Plain ring gauges, Step gauge-Caliper checker, Radius gauge, Thread plug/ring gauge, Bore gauge, Micrometer, Snap gauge, Plain taper gauge, Vernier/Dial/Digital caliper, Height/depth gauge, etc.
  • Pressure gauge/Digital pressure gauge
  • Proving ring
  • Small Torque Wrenches
  • UTM
  • Vibration Machine or Objects
  • Weighing Machine