Independent Third Party Testing or Evaluation services form a key part in ensuring smooth functioning of business activities cutting across all sectors, such as Construction/Infrastructure, Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Metals & Alloys, Polymers & Rubber etc., which influence the growth and development of any nation."Third Party" is a term used to emphasize the fact that the laboratory is not affiliated with the interested parties, viz., Manufacturer/Producer of any service & the User/Consumer of the item/commodity/service being tested. Therefore, the service provided by a Third Party Laboratory constitutes "Commercially Unbiased' & "Independent" assessment of analytical performance. Sometimes the term "Contract Testing Laboratory" is used for the same. The significant advantages offered by a Third Party testing laboratory are as follows:

  • bulletWell-documented Quality Control process
  • bulletObjective & Accurate Test Results with no commercial bias
  • bulletLow turnaround time for testing due to expertise developed in specific fields
  • bulletExcellent Credentials - Accreditations, Certifications, & Approvals
  • bulletFavourable Economic factors
  • bulletCustomized & Additional Services provided

Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. has been providing the best technical services in the fields of Testing, Inspection, Verification, and Training to its customers as per their specific requirements, for more than a decade. We have always maintained highest Quality in our services in sync with our credentials, and are in constant pursuit of achieving higher levels of excellence and efficiency.