Soil Testing

Soil is formed with the combination of rock, organic matter and pieces of minerals, air and water. It is considered to be the skin of the earth’s crust.
Soil varies according to its composition, strength and type. Poor quality of the soil is one of the critical issues faced by the builders. Before starting any construction on land, it should be made sure that the land is suitable for infrastructure plans and the soil is capable of bearing the weight of the building, roads, etc. to be constructed. Mistakes and problems should be avoided by conducting a study on soil and site characteristics.
The quality of soil is judged by analyzing those properties which limit a planned use. Various soil and site factor needs to be determined in order to check the limitations for constructing a building or structure. Some of them include:

  • Surface texture
  • Permeability
  • Water table
  • Erosion hazard
  • Depth of soil to bedrock

Spectro provides world class services for soil testing in lab as well as on site. Some of the tests we conduct on routine basis are: